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Asset Management Company

The asset management company "Sodruzhestvo Asset Management" manages assets of collective investment institutions (investment funds) and private pension fund "Golden Age".

Ukrainian legislation on investment funds makes them one of the most reliable and simple way of portfolio investment in the country. Based on the incentive tax laws of Ukraine on joint investment institutions, the fund investor may receive a higher income. This is possible due to the fact that the income of the fund from investment transactions are not subject to tax corporate profits, regardless of whether the fund shares or corporate.

Improve the reliability of investment funds by high demand for diversification of assets of investment funds and strict control over compliance with regulatory requirements by the state.

Applying the strategy of active portfolio management of funds, the AMC "Sodruzhestvo Asset Management" is a leader in rates of return among asset management companies operating in Ukraine.

The main advantage is the individual approach to every client, regardless of the amount of investment.