Kherson Tel.: +38 (0552) 41-70-70   Kiev Tel.: +38 (044) 484-02-75

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Business Centres


 To accommodate members of their own departments and enterprises, as well as the delivery of excess space for rent Ltd. CC" Sodruzhestvo" has been reconstructed several buildings and premises in Kherson and Kiev.

In Kherson, first of all, ten-building "business center" on the street. Petrenko, 18, a total useful floor area over 6000 m2 of which 3,500 m2 is for rent. In 2008, began operation, with a view to putting the area out, "Business Center 2" - a four-story building with an area about 4300 m2.

There are separate rooms on the st. Sovietskaya, 46, 300 m2 and on the st. Lenin, 40 - 240 m2. All rooms renovated with modern construction technologies and materials, equipped with a digital telecommunications network. The buildings are equipped with autonomous heating systems, there is parking for cars, guarded round the clock.

In Kiev, ul. Pavlovskaya, 29, are leased premises with total area of 5000 m2