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Real estate

  Real estate transactions are closely linked to the level of investment, both capital and including in fixed assets.
  Growth of investment in fixed assets in Ukraine from 2000 to 2008 amounted to 23 629 mln. up to 233 081 UAH. Even in the crisis year of 2009 this figure was at the level of UAH 151 777. Accordingly, in the Kherson region - from 282 UAH. in 2000 to 3929 UAH. at 2008 (2009 - 2087 mln.).
  Characteristic of the Kherson region is that the structure of investments in more than half (57.9%) of the own funds of enterprises and organizations (4.2% - the state budget, 4.5% - local budget). Another feature is the distribution of investment in fixed assets by economic activity. It says a large proportion of real estate operations, leasing and provision of services to entrepreneurs - 9.8% of the investment and trade and repairs - 10%. In numbers, in 2009 it was 205 053 thousand UAH. for real estate and 208 581 UAH. - Trade.
  This is confirmed by an apparent rise in Kherson, buildings and business centers of growth proposals for the lease of existing buildings, as well as an increase in retail space, a large shopping centers, and small objects of trade