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Stock market

In Ukraine, as in other CIS countries during the Soviet period the stock market interpreted as a system of infrastructure elements, which isolates the financial resources of production in order to assign a speculative profit. Now no one doubts that the investment market is a powerful lever of economic development of the country, an effective means of mobilizing savings and channeling financial resources to areas of production, which will bring the greatest profit.
The study of the securities market in the investment market is a necessary, through its operation as a means of attracting financial resources for the investment process.
Ukraine has taken the path of social reform in the late XX century, when the world is experiencing globalization of all processes, including economic ones.
The experience of developed countries creates the need to adopt it to improve living standards and increasing the capacity of the state.
For the formation of the securities market of Ukraine to use international practice and began to create their own history of his civilized development.